Student Council
The Student Council is a democratically elected forum which allows the voices of students to be heard. The Council meets on a monthly basis and advises the school management on policy formation and issues of concern to the student.

The Council is organised according document to a Constitution.

The members of the Student Council for 2019/20 can be viewed here

Sixth Year Prefects

Sixth Year students are encouraged to apply for particular responsibilities in the school and when appointed are given a job description.

The Sixth Year Prefects for 2016/2017 can be document SEEN HERE


Justice and Peace Group

Students from 5th Year are appointed to the Justice and Peace Group and have responsibility for creating an awareness among their peers of Justice and Peace issues. The Justice and Peace Group for 2016/2017 can be document SEEN HERE


Social Personal and Health Education Advisory Group

The SPHE advisory group is co-ordinated by  Ms Jacqueline Munnelly and Ms Hannah Costello. The group is composed of 5th and 6th Years and advises staff on the content of all programmes in the SPHE area. They are involved in peer teaching initiatives from time to time. The members for 2019/20 can be document f ound here

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors ( AMIGAS)

The role of AMIGAS involves advising staff on ways to promote right relationships, spotting those who might be experiencing bullying behaviour and accompanying them to support staff.  The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for 2019/20 can be found hereStudents involved in the group can be document SEEN HERE