During our remembrance Mass, we presented the herb, rosemary, as part of the offertory procession.  It has been long associated with friendship, loyalty and remembrance.

Rosemary was considered sacred to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. Since ancient Roman times Rosemary is the herb It was used particularly at funerals and weddings. Australians still wear it on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

Shakespeare refers to it in some of his plays. In Hamlet, Ophelia gives Hamlet a sprig saying:

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray you, love, remember.”

There is a lot of Rosemary growing in the plant bed opposite the Art Room. It has little blue flowers on it at the moment. In the month of November when we are walking by it we can pray, love and remember our loved ones no longer in this word, and we can be certain that even though we do not see them they are still with us in a different way.

We welcomed the First Year Parents to our coffee mroning this morning.  We thank the choir, orchestra, Rachel Fox and Olivia Ni Fhearraigh for providing the music for the occassion.

Congratulations to the 6th Year Spanish Debating Team (Sarah Dillon – Captain, Ciara Pryce, Lucy Bracken and Eva Melvin) who defeated Castleknock College in the Spanish T.A. Senior Debate this week.

Pictured: Eva Rose Melvin, Lucy Bracken, Ciara Pryce and Sarah Dillon

Congratulations  to our Senior and Junior Irish Debating teams who are through to the next rounds of the Gael Linn debates following their debates last evening hosted by John Scottus School in Bray.  

Senior: Saoirse O'Donnell, Isobel Kearns and Sarah Dillon,

Junior : Anna Shortall, Neasa O'Donnell and Emily Corbett

 A special word of thanks to their coach, Bean Murdock.

Congratulations to the 4th Year Concert Debating Team which drew in their debate against St. Kilian’s Deutsche Schule this week.

Pictured: Lucy Kearns, Daisy Cormican, Manon Abrard Anaastasia Baral

Congratulations to our Junior Cross Country team who won the "Brother At My Side Cross Country Championships."