Good morning everybody, could we pause a moment for morning prayer.

Today is open day, an opportunity for us to throw open our doors and show the world what is good and unique and special about our school.

This afternoon, hundreds of people will walk through our gates and we get to show them what makes Loreto Abbey, Dalkey shine. They will see that girls who have talents in sport have some of the best facilities in the country. They will see that girls who have a passion for debating have the ability to shape minds with their words. They will see that students who love science have the flames of their curiousity fanned by the most dedicated of teachers. They will see that for girls who are musical, their talents are nurtured in so many ways and they will see that girls who are artisitc have their amazing work displayed around our walls.

However, it is not the building or the view or the facilities, impressive as they are, that draw people here. It is the sene of community and co-operation that exists between us that makes this place so special, but most importantly, it is you, our students, with your energy and enthsuaim and positivity that shows off our school in the best possible way.

Today we pray that the sun shines and that we have a really great open day.