Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

We are now in the third year of our 1:1 Mobile Learning Programme using iPads in Loreto Abbey Dalkey. 

When your daughter commences school with us in September 2017, iPads will have been deployed to the vast majority of students from 1st to 4th Year.

Apple has recently made some important changes which have impacted how student iPads are managed and deployed.  Going forward, our IT partner, Wriggle, will need to utilise more sophisticated device management methodologies.  This will enable our 1:1 Mobile Learning Programme to move in a positive direction to further enhance the benefits it can offer to teaching and learning and allow us to comply with pending Data Protection legislation.  It will also help ensure the iPad is used for educational purposes only.

However, these changes mean that, from a technical perspective, devices purchased outside of the Wriggle Store will not be able to be part of the scheme.   Wriggle have always worked with schools and parents to allow students to 'bring their own device' if they already had a suitable iPad.  From September, Wriggle will no longer offer a 'Bring You Own Device' option on the Online Store for iPad and eBook purchases.  

We are notifying you of this now in case you planned to purchase a device for your daughter with the presumption that she could use it in school next year.  An information meeting will be hosted in March where more details will be given about the 1:1 Programme including a showcase of how iPads have enhanced teaching and learning in our school and details about the online store and purchasing.  

Kind regards, 

Eoin Hughes
IT Co-ordinator
Loreto Abbey Dalkey