Ms Julie O’Brien (French and Music teacher and First Year Head) and Ms Mary O’Toole (Home Economics Teacher) are retiring from Loreto Abbey today.  Julie has taught here for 22 years and Mary has served for 19 years.  The staff made presentations to them this morning to mark such outstanding commitment to the school community.  The Student Council hosted a socially distanced musical presentation and a video collage of messages from the student body.  It was so good to hear music in the school again.

We wish both Julie and Mary every health and happiness in retirement.

Each 1st Year student is assigned a 6th Year Cara who will act as their “buddy” throughout their first year in Loreto Abbey.

Our 6th Year and 1st Year students took part in a Cara walk last week. They walked to Dillon’s Park in Dalkey in small groups. This was a great opportunity for the 1st years to communicate how their first week of school went and to develop relationships with their 6th year Cara further.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our focus during the Summer was to put into place systems for the safe reopening of the school.  The school is now operating and this morning the Leaving Certificate Class of 2020 received their calculated grades, which allow them progress to the next stage of their educational journey.

We now turn to the issuing of the Junior Certificate Profiles.  This Profile is an official statement by Loreto Abbey of achievement during the Junior Cycle and marks a milestone as your daughter progresses through our national system.   The staff reviewed results achieved over 2nd and 3rd Year in particular, with a minor weighting given to work completed during the lockdown and have agreed grades.  Grades in all academic subjects will be recorded on a Profile sheet. Included also will be the results of the Classroom Based Assessments completed in 2nd and 3rd Year, a statement on participation and skills achieved in Wellbeing (PE, CSPE, SPHE) and a summary of Other Areas of Learning. We are currently completing the collation of this information.

The Profiles will be issued at 14.15 on Wednesday September 16th.  Students will be free to leave school on receipt of their results.  Due to the Covid-19 regulations for schools, it will not be possible for large groups to gather in the school grounds at that time as would be the norm.  Given the increased risks of Covid transmission, I would suggest that students celebrate their success with families and avoid gathering with large groups of their peers as they might in other years.

The uncertainty around the Junior Certificate has been stressful for our students.  I commend the majority for their engagement with online learning and for their positive attitude to completing coursework.  I would hope that they see their results as a just reflection of their efforts and that they will be enabled to enter the Senior Cycle with confidence.

With kind regards,

Robert Dunne,


The October Newsletter for the Library can be found here

Dear Class of 2020,

The management, staff and student community join with your parents today in celebrating your results and we wish you a joyful day. You have walked a long and difficult road towards this goal and we, as a staff and community, applaud your efforts. Throughout your time in Loreto, you have, not only, excelled academically but have also achieved on the sports pitches, basketball courts, in debating and in music. You acted as role models for our students particularly since March and ensured that our Dalkey traditions continued and brought smiles to many faces in dark days. You managed the stresses and uncertainties of the past six months with positivity and with inner strength and supported each other selflessly. Thank you.

This morning, as you open the results portal, all 750 of us are joining with you in spirit as we pause for our “Morning Prayer” to think of you and to celebrate your achievements. The text and audio are here and in the words of Mr Flanagan, “for the class of 2020 today we pray for a wonderful, bright and happy future for you all”.    

Today's prayer is a special one as it goes out to our Leaving Cert class of 2020.

Today is a big day for our Loreto Abbey Dalkey class of 2020 as the standardised school grades are released for this year's leaving cert. 

Leaving cert results day is one that is always charged with emotion and today will be no different. There will be joy and delight for most, but unfortunately, for some, there may be disappointment.

 And as the results arrive, in whatever shape they do, it is important that we never lose sight of the fact that grades will not and do not define you. They do not encapsulate all the qualities and gifts that you bring to the world, qualities and gifts that only you can bring. They do not account for the legacy you have left to our school, they do not reflect the memories, friendships and bonds that were formed here. They do not tell of that unforgettable impact you have left on the life of others and They do not go far enough in telling the full story of your time within our walls.

 These grades are a stepping stone to a new adventure for you and a new path in life. We pray today that they bring you in the direction that you had hoped to go in, but if they do not, our prayer is that you find happiness and contentment in whatever path life leads you down. 

 For the first time in our history we will not be physically present with you as you receive your grades but we are with you in spirit. We are proud of you and all that you have achieved. We know that you will go now and do wonderful things in this world. And at some point in the future, when all of this is a distant memory we hope you will look back on your time with us with fondness and joy.

 For our class of 2020 today we pray for a wonderful, bright and happy future for you all.


With kind regards,

Mr. Dunne,


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