Loreto Abbey Dalkey Parents’ Association


Every parent and guardian in Loreto Abbey Dalkey is a valued member of the Parents’ Association. We are all interested in the formal and informal education of our daughters and we all share an active interest in their happiness and well-being.

The Parents Association works through an Executive Committee, which comprises parents from each year group. New first year representatives are elected at the September AGM held each year.

 There are no particular skills required to become a member of the executive, but we especially welcome enthusiastic, creative and energetic individuals who can bring their unique views and support to the group, and who can assist in defining and organizing the events we put on. 

Over the years the Parents Association have worked successfully to create a positive dialogue between the school management, the pupils and Parents. The main work in recent years has focused on:

    • A series of extremely well received Health and Wellbeing talks.
      • Topics have included: emotional wellbeing, mental health, relationships/friends, physical health, 3rd level choices, internet usage and study habits.
    • Social events within each year group, and whole school events.
      • These include both community events and purely social events
    • Representation of issues important to parents to School Management.
      • Topics have included: leaving certificate courses, sporting options on offer, phone usage at school, events held outside of school, meeting data protection requirements with school communications and more.
    • Involvement in School Policy Development and reviews
    • Coordination of Mock Interviews for 6th year students preparing for college and work applications

The aims of the Association are to:

• Support the aims and objectives of the School.
• Act in an advisory capacity in promoting the educational and Christian ethos of the school and general welfare of its pupils.
• Promote understanding and communication between parents, management and pupils.
• Encourage parent participation in school activities.

Consistent with these aims, the Association operates under a constitution which has been approved by the parent members of the Association and by the school Board of Management.

Please view our constitution here.

Latest news : 

To see the latest news and events from the Parent's Association Committee, visit the updates section of the website.


Ger Bracken
Parents Association