Upcoming events:

  • Parents choir - every Monday 19.30 - 21.00 in the Concert Hall.
  • Community event with Sue Ryder foundation is being planned. If you'd like to help with planning the event (especially if you have horticultural expertise), please contact your year rep ( contact details are at the bottom of this page).
  • More events and talks will be announced when confirmed (see below)
  • Next P.A meeting is February 27th at 7.15 pm


  • Lots of updates this month: parents survey results, new WhatsApp groups, plans for health and wellbeing talks, events planning and more.
    • A big thanks to the ~1/3 of families at the school who responded to our parents’ survey.
      • LAPDA has gone through the survey results to propose a set of next steps
      • Highlights are captured below. You may also download the full report using the link at the bottom of this page.
    • Year-specific WhatsApp groups
      • We heard from many parents in the survey that they want a better way to connect with each other, and organize coffee mornings or other social events
      • We will formally organize a WhatsApp for each class in earlier years and invite parents to opt in. This will allow parents in classes to self-organize events to meet other parents.
      • All parents who join must abide by the code of ethics for the Whatsapp group. This is to allow LAPDA to promote these groups to parents as positive mechanism for inter-class communication.
    • Health and Wellbeing Talks
      • >99% of parents were happy with the types of talks that are organized!
      • Emotional Wellbeing / Mental Health was the most requested topic, followed by relationships/friends, health (especially alcohol and drugs), life after secondary school (especially 3rd level options/CAO process), internet usage (especially requested by earlier years) and academic success (notably study habits).
      • Lots of speaker suggestions were left – thank you to those who took the time to leave these. This year’s speaker selection is already made, but the above feedback/ideas will be incorporated as we look at next year’s speakers
      • One idea we received in particular (to get a group 6th year parents to give advice to 1st/2nd year parents) is something we’ll look to organize for the first term next year.
      • Please reach out to Ben Beech if you’re currently a 5th year parent and would like to participate next year
      • Nearly 1/3 of parents wanted better notes. While it is very challenging to get comprehensive notes for all talks, we will start by collecting a list of recommended websites/books for talks.
    • Preferences for events:
      • ~55% of parents said they were interested in meeting other parents
      • Community events were welcomed by most – both helping homeless / other families (1st place) and local community (3rd place)
      • LAPDA will research the logistics (esp. related to Health and Safety) of volunteering to help the homeless/other families. We are already pursuing a local community project and will announce it when we can.
      • Quiz nights took 2nd place, coffee mornings took 4th place, followed by music events and outdoor events.
      • We are going to explore organizing a parent/daughter walk in ~April interspersed with fun challenges/activities during the walk.
      • There are already a significant number of charity quiz nights organized for 4th/5th years to collect funds for trips, so we will discuss next month about how best to proceed here.
      • If you think you can help us plan or organize any of these events, please reach out to Ben Beech at the email address below.
    • Other topics arising from the LAPDA meeting
      • There was discussion of various ideas we did not pursue at this time (e.g. organized coffees for parents attending school sports matches, where we did not want to interfere with student fundraising projects that did the same thing)
      • We talked about communication mediums and heard that a school app is already being explored. It was decided that updating the website regularly was a more tractable approach than a new newsletter (which had been suggested) – ensuring content is uploaded to the website will be formally made a part of the Secretary’s responsibilities.
      • We discussed out-of-hours sports uptake at the school, which is relatively high at ~70%. We also heard that key challenges are that certain students really don’t like sport, and certain parents who don’t support continued participation in particularly in 5th/6th years.  The school continues to be creative in what is offered but has seen certain classes cancelled due to poor student attendance. 
      • The variety of school trips were discussed, and it was conveyed that the school works hard to offer a range of trips. There is recognition that the range of family incomes of school students means that the school cannot expect all parents to pay for multiple expensive school trips/ski holidays etc.  In addition, health and safety requirements are quite steep, and the risk that just one student’s poor choices on a trip may jeopardize future trips if not managed carefully.  Within this context, the school attempts to offer the best range of trips/opportunities it can.
      • Finally, we discussed student transitions from second level to third level. The challenge of continuous assessment and the need for students to go from having highly scheduled days to being self-driven, is generating extreme stress for 1st year university/3rd-level students across the whole country.  It is something that the government is trying to recognise with the reform of the Senior Cycle at a national level, but Loreto Abbey Dalkey is also going to reflect on what else can be done to help its own students be ready for this transition.

    Resources :

    The list below contains recent health and wellbeing talks.  Coming soon, we also intend to provide a set of richer links/books/materials recommended by each speaker.

    • Aine Hyland Recap
    • Appreciating Multiple Intelligences in your Daughter Presentation
    • Colman Noctor Recap
    • Donal O'Shea - We are what we eat (and drink)
    • Dr Fergus Heffernan Recap
    • Multiple Intelligences Survey for Kids

View our archive of material from past talks here.

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