Student Support Team

Student Support is co-ordinated by a team of staff who review how the school is responding to the overall needs of the students and in particular those students facing challenges. Please read our Student Support Policy in full here.

The members of the team are:

Sr. Mary Delahunty

(Chaplain and Chair of group)

Ms. Marie Breen

(Deputy Principal)

Ms. Roisin Conlon

(Resource Co-ordinator)

Ms. Aisling Roche

(Guidance Counsellor)

Ms. Meabhdh Gillespie

(Guidance Counsellor)

Ms. Louise Seagrave Daly


Mr Robert Dunne


Year Heads and Tutors

Year Heads have both a pastoral and disciplinary role in supporting students. For full details on their roles see our Student Support Policy.


6th Year:


Year Head

Ms Celine McCarthy

Ms Hannah Costello

Mr Will Flanagan

Ms Celine McCarthy

Ms Jacqueline Munnelly

5th Year:


Year Head

Mr Bernard O'Boyle

Ms Louise Seagrave Daly

Ms Patrica Butler

Ms Deirdre Butler

Ms Aisling Mooney 

Mr Donal O'Connor

4th Year:


Year Heads

TY Co-ordinator





To be confirmed

Ms Marie Lonergan

Ms Eithne Egan

Ms Ann-Marie Farrelly

Ms Eve Kilgallon

Mr Nial Oman

3rd Year:


Year Head





Ms Aisling Green

Ms Roisin Conlon

Ms Aideen Lambe

Ms Kim Boland

Ms Linda Nolan

2nd Year:


Year Head






To be confirmed

Ms Mary Coleman

Ms Sinéad Ní Ghabhann

Ms Jessica Reynolds

Ms Hannah McIlduff

Ms Sammantha Watters

1st Year:


Year Head






Ms Julie O'Brien

Ms Evette Murphy

Ms Therese Ryan

Mr E Hughes

Ms Laura Brennan

Ms Meabhdh Gillespie


Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance Counsellors offer a range of services which include: 

  • Counselling
  • Assessment
  • Information
  • Educational Development Programmes
  • Personal and Social Developments
  • Referral
  • Guidance activities to help pupils make transition
  • Consultation with parents, teachers and pupils
  • Feedback to staff and school management on the needs of pupils

The Guidance Counsellors are Ms Aisling Roche & Ms Meabhdh Gillespie


Learning Support/ Resource Department

The Learning Support / Resource Department, in light of the results of assessment tests, offer support to students in various subjects. This tuition may be carried out in class, in small groups or on a one to one basis. 

The members of the Department are:

  • Ms Roisin Conlon (Co-ordinator)
  • Ms Carol Rice
  • Ms Laura Brennan
  • Ms Sarah Kennedy
  • Ms Jessica Reynolds
  • Ms Joanne McBreen
  • Ms Marie Breen

Chaplaincy Services

The Role of the Chaplain is of great importance. Sr. Mary Delahunty is our current Chaplain. She supports students during hard times and responds to the spiritual needs of the student as they arise during the year.


Cara System
Recognizing that the transition from primary to secondary school is a significant step in the life of a student, this school has put in place structures that will ease this transition. A formal induction process provides new students with opportunities to meet their class group, teachers and student support staff. Senior students who have spent a number of years here are particularly well positioned to help their new companions. At the end of Fifth Year, each student is encouraged to volunteer to be a 'cara' to a First Year. They provide friendship and support throughout the year and meet at regular structured activities in each term. Three prefects and the Chaplain co-ordinate these events throughout the year. 



The mentoring process provides students in senior classes with an opportunity to meet a designated teacher in order to discuss academic work at key points during the school year. It provides the student with support, guidance and practical advice.

Fifth Year Mentoring Team

 Sixth Year Mentoring Team

Ms Kim Boland

Ms Marie Breen

Ms Deirdre Butler

Ms Roisin Conlon

Mr Robert Dunne

Mr Will Flanagan

Ms Alison Freyne

Ms Aisling Green

Ms Aileen Harvey

Ms Pamela Jordan

Ms Aideen Lambe

Ms Celine McCarthy

Ms Jacqueline Munnelly

Mr Eamonn Murphy

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