Date/Time Sport Team Result
10/09/16 Basketball Green @ Senior A  Won 31-20
10/09/16  Basketball  Green @ Cadete A  Won 46-42
10/09/16  Basketball Green @ Senior B  Won 43-34
10/09/16  Basketball Green @ Cadette B  Lost 24-28
10/09/16  Hockey Senior 2 -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Home) Lost 1-0
10/09/16  Hockey Minor A -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Away) Won 4-0
10/09/16 Hockey  Senior 3 -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Home)  Draw 0-0
10/09/16  Hockey  Minor C -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Away) Won 3-0
10/09/16  Hockey  Junior 1 -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Home) Won 3-0 
10/09/16 Hockey Junior C -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Away) Won 4-0
17/09/16 Basketball Junior A @ Rathdown Won 38-4
17/09/16 Basketball Junior B @ Rathdown Lost 45-22
17/09/16 Hockey Senior A -v- Alex (Lenister League) (Away) Lost 6-0
17/09/16 Hockey Minor A -v- Alex (Away) Lost 1-0
17/09/16 Hockey Junior 3 -v- Alex (Home) Won 1-0
17/09/16 Hockey Junior 4 -v- Alex (Away) Lost 5-0
17/09/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Alex (Away) Lost 3-0
17/09/16 Hockey Senior B -v- Alex (Away) Lost 3-2
17/09/16 Hockey Minor B -v- Alex (Away) Lost 5-1
17/09/16 Hockey Junior 2 -v- Alex (Home) Lost 1-0
17/09/16 Hockey Junior 1 -v- Alex (Home) Won 1-0
17/09/16 Hockey Senior C -v- Alex (Away) Lost 1-0
17/09/16 Hockey Monor C -v- Alex (Away) Draw 1-1
21/09/16 Basketball Col.Bride @ Senior A Lost 41-33
21/09/16 Basketball Col. Bride @ Cadette A Won 53-45 
22/09/16 Hockey Senior 1 -v- Mt Temple (Lenister League) (Away) Draw 1-1
23/09/16 Hockey 1st Years (20 girls picked at training) -v- Foxrock (Home) Friendly  
24/09/16 Basketball Minor A @ Foxrock  Lost 31-11
24/09/16 Basketball Senior A @ Beaufort  Won 31-23
24/09/16 Basketball Minor B @ Foxrock  Lost 20-4
24/09/16 Basketball Cadette A @ Beaufort  Won 30-28
24/09/16 Basketball Rathdown @ Cadete B  Lost 36-22
24/09/16 Basketball Rathdown @ Senior B  Won 44-21
24/09/16 Hockey Senior 1 -v- Mt Sackville (Home) Lost 2-1
24/09/16 Hockey Junior B -v- Sion Hill (Away) Won 1-0
24/09/16 Hockey Senior 2 -v- Mt Sackville (Home) Lost 3-2
24/09/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- St Stephen's Green (Lenister League) (Home) Won 4-2
24/09/16 Hockey Minor A -v- St Stephen's Green (Home)  
26/09/16 Basketball Temple Carrig @ Cadete B  Won 38-14
27/09/16 Basketball Kings Hosp @ Cadete A  Won 63-9
27/09/16 Hockey Senior A -v- Rathdown (Away)  Lost 3-0
30/09/16 Basketball Senior A @ Balbriggan  Won 61-16
30/09/16 Basketball Cadete B @ Balbriggan  Won 28-24
01/10/16 Basketball Junior A @ Foxrock  Lost 39-18
01/10/16 Basketball Junior B @ Foxrock  Won 31-3
01/10/16 Hockey Junior A -v- Foxrock (Lenister League) (Away)  Draw 0-0
01/10/16 Hockey Minor A -v- St Andrews (Away)  Lost 4-1
01/10/16 Hockey Senior B -v- St Andrews (Home)  Lost 3-0
01/10/16 Hockey Minor C -v- Wesley (Lenister League) (Home)  Lost 3-0
01/10/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- St Andrews (Away)  Draw 0-0
01/10/16 Hockey Junior B -v- St Andrews (Away)  Draw 1-1
01/10/16 Hockey Minor B -v- Gerards (Home)  Won 1-0
01/10/16 Hockey Senior C -v- Gerards (Away)  Won 1-0
05/10/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Newpark (Home)  Won 47-9
05/10/16 Hockey Junior 4 -v- Wesley (Away) Leinster League  Lost 3-0
05/10/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Wilsons Hospital (Home) 4pm  Draw 0-0
06/10/16 Hockey Junior 3 -v- Sandford Park (Home) 4pm  Draw 0-0
08/10/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Templeogue (Home) Lost 63-33
08/10/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Templeogue (Home) Lost 83-24
08/10/16 Basketball Minor C -v- Killiney (Home) Lost 21-8
08/10/16 Hockey Minor B -v- HCK (Home) Leinster League 9am  Lost 1-0
08/10/16 Hockey Junior B -v- High School (Away) Leinster League 11am  Lost 3-2
08/10/16 Hockey Minor C -v- High School (Away) 10am  Won 2-1
08/10/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- High School (Away) 9am  Lost 2-0
08/10/16 Hockey 1st Years -v- High School (Home) 10am  Lost 5-3
08/10/16 Hockey Junior A -v- Rathdown (Away) 9am Leinster League  Lost 1-0
08/10/16 Hockey Junior C -v- Rathdown (Away) 10am  Lost 1-0
10/10/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Teresians (Home)   Won 27-20
10/10/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Teresians (Home)  Won 49-25
11/10/16 Hockey  Junior 4 -v- St Mary's Nass (Away)  4pm  
11/10/16 Hockey Minor 3 -v- St Mary's Nass (Away)  3pm  
11/10/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Cluny (Away)  Won 70-18
11/10/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Cluny (Away) Won 58-33
12/10/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Killiney (Away)  Won 43-4
12/10/16 Basketball Cadete B -v- Killiney (Away)  Lost 44-12
12/10/16 Hockey Junior A -v- Temple Carraig (Home) 2.30pm  Won 4-0
12/10/16 Hockey Minor b -v- Temple Carraig (Away)  2.30pm  Won 4-0
13/10/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Holy Faith Clontarf (Home) 1pm  
13/10/16 Hockey Senior A -v- Beaufort  5pm  Lost 2-1
14/10/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Green (Home)  Won 59-40
14/10/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Tarbett (Home)  Won 44-41
15/10/16 Baskteball Senior B -v- Beauford (Home)  Won 59-15
15/10/16 Basketball Cadete B -v- Beauford (Home)  Won 30-24
15/10/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Home) 9am CANCELLED   
15/10/16 Hockey Minor C -v- Mt Sackville (Away) 9am  Won 4-0
15/10/16 Hockey Junior B -v- Mt Sackville (Away) 10am  Lost 1-0
15/10/16 Hockey Senior 2 -v- Mt Sackville (Away) 11am  Lost 1-0
15/10/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Mt Anville (Away) 10am CANCELLED   
15/10/16 Hockey Junior C -v- Mt Anville (Away) 11am CANCELLED   
15/10/16 Hockey Junior 4 -v- Mt Anville (Away) 12pm CANCELLED   
18/10/16 Basketball Junior A -v- Teresians (Home) Won 54-15
18/10/16 Basketball Junior B -v- Teresians (Home)  
18/10/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Newbridge (Home) 4pm Leinster League  
19/10/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Castleknock (Home) Won 63-12
19/10/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Castleknock (Home) Won 62-33
19/10/16 Hockey Junior C -v- Newbridge (Away) 3.15pm  Draw 0-0
20/10/16 Basketball Minor B -v- Teresians (Home) Won 19-6
20/10/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Dundalk Grammer (Away) 3.30pm  Draw 0-0
21/10/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Crumlin (Home)  Lost 47-33
21/10/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Crumlin (Home)   Won 63-48
22/10/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Green (Away)  Lost 44-34
22/10/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Green (Away)  Won 41-33
22/10/16 Basketball Junior B -v- Rathdown (Away)  Won 24-4
22/10/16 Basketball Junior C -v- Rathdown A (Away)  Lost 42-11
22/10/16 Basketball Minor A -v- Cluny (Away)  Won 35-8
22/10/16 Basketball Minor B -v- Cluny (Away)  Lost 18-12
22/10/16 Basketball Minor C -v- Rathdown (Away)  Lost 50-24
22/10/16 Hockey Minor A -v- St Gerard's (Home) 9am  Lost 3-0
22/10/16 Hockey Junior B -v- Muckross (Away) 9am  Lost 1-0
22/10/16 Hockey Senior A -v- Foxrock (Away) 10am  Lost 3-1
22/10/16 Hockey Junior 3 -v- Foxrock (Away) 11am  Draw 0-0
22/10/16 Hockey Junior 4 -v- Foxrock (Away) 12pm  Lost 5-0
22/10/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Foxrock (Home) 10am  Draw 0-0
22/10/16 Hockey Minor 3 -v- Foxrock (Home) 11am  Lost 1-0
22/10/16 Hockey Minor 2 -v- Foxrock (Home) 12pm  Draw 1-1
10/11/16 Hockey Cadete A -v- Cross&Passion (Away)  Lost 59-51
11/11/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Col, Oiriall (Home)  Lost 57-51
12/11/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Foxrock (Away)  Lost 35-30
12/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Foxrock (Away)  Won 41-12
12/11/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Foxrock (Away)  Won 42-32
12/11/16 Basketball Cadete B -v- Foxrock (Away)  Lost 36-8
12/11/16 Basketball Junior A -v- Cluny (Away)  Won 56-4
12/11/16 Hockey Minor A -v- Wesley (Away) 10am Leinster League   Lost 3-1
12/11/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Andrews (Away) 10am  Won 2-1
12/11/16 Hockey Junior C -v- Andrews (Away) 11am  Draw 0-0
12/11/16 Hockey 1st Year A -v- Rathdown (Away) 9am  Won 4-1
12/11/16 Hockey 1st Year B -v- Rathdown (Away) 9am  Won 5-1
12/11/16 Hockey Junior A -v- Rathdown (Away) 10am  Lost 2-0
12/11/16 Hockey Junior B -v- Rathdown (Away) 10am  Won 3-1
12/11/16 Hockey Minor B -v- Rathdown (Away) 11am  Draw 0-0
14/11/16 Basketball Senior C -v- Columba's (Home)  Won 31-12
14/11/16 Basketball Cadete B -v- Rockford (Home)  Lost 41-21
15/11/16 Hockey  Senior A -v- Newbridge College (Home) 4pm  
15/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Teresians (Home) Won 69-11
15/11/16 Basketball Senior C -v- Teresians (Home) Won 14-10
16/11/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Muckross (Home)  Won 69-27
16/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Muckross (Home)  Walkover to Dalkey
16/11/16 Basketball Cadete A -v- Muckross (Home)  Won 55-51
17/11/16 Hockey Senior A -v- Kings Hospital (Away) 4.30pm  
18/11/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Iosagain (Away)  Won 60-27
18/11/16 Basketball Senior C -v- Conleth's (Home)  Lost 39-24
18/11/16 Basketball Cadette A -v- Iosagain (Away)  Lost 48-35
18/11/16 Hockey 1st Year A-D -v- Loreto Foxrock (Away) 4.15pm  
18/11/16 Hockey 1st Year E-G -v- Loreto Foxrock (Home) 4.15pm  
19/11/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Bray (Away) Won 66-35
19/11/16 Basketball Cadette A -v- Bray (Away) Lost 48-30
19/11/16 Basketball Junior A -v- Killiney (Home) Won 37-16
19/11/16 Basketball Junior B -v- Killiney (Home) Won 31-26
19/11/16 Hockey Minor A -v- Mount Anville (Home) 9am Leinster Cup Cancelled  
19/11/16 Hockey Junior A -v- Mount Anville (Home) 10am Leinster league Cancelled  
19/11/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Mount Anville (Home) 11am Leinster league Cancelled  
19/11/16 Hockey 1st Year B&C -v- Mount Sackville (Away) 11am Cancelled  
19/11/16 Hockey Minor B -v- Mount Sackville (Away) 12pm Leinster league Cancelled  
19/11/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Our Ladies Terenure (Away) 9am Leinster league Cancelled  
19/11/16 Hockey 1st Year A -v- Wesley (Away) 9am Leinster league   Lost 5-1
19/11/16 Hockey Junior C -v- Wesley (Away) 10am Leinster league  
21/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Reachrann (Home) Won 50-19
22/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Cluny (Home) Walkover to Dalkey
22/11/16 Basketball Senior C -v- Beauford (Home) Won 50-19
22/11/16 Basketball Cadette B -v- Cluny (Home) Won 30-28
23/11/16 Hockey Minor C -v- Newbridge (Away) 2pm  Lost 1-0
24/11/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Rathdown (Home) 4.15pm Leinster League  
24/11/16 Hockey Minor A -v- Mt Anville (Home) 5.15pm Leinster Cup  
26/11/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Beauford (Home) Walkover to Dalkey
26/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Green (Away) Won 40-19
26/11/16 Basketball Cadette A -v- Beauford (Home) Walkover to Dalkey
26/11/16 Basketball Cadette B -v- Green (Away) Won 14-12
26/11/16 Basketball Junior A -v- Green (Home) Won 51-16
26/11/16 Basketball Minor A -v- Green (Home) Lost 37-18
26/11/16 Hockey Minor A -v- Holy Child Killiney (Home) 9am   Lost 1-0
26/11/16 Hockey 1st Year C & D -v- Holy Child Killiney (Home) 10am  Won 4-0/1-0
26/11/16 Hockey Minor B -v- Wesley (Away) 9am Leinster League  Lost 4-2
28/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Rosemount (Away)   Won 39-15
30/11/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Setanta (Home)  Won 29-22
30/11/16 Hockey Junior A -v- Mt Anville (Home) 3.30pm Leinster League  
30/11/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Mt Anville (Home) 4.30pm Leinster League  
30/11/16 Hockey Junior B -v- Andrews (Away) 2pm Leinster League  
30/11/16 Hockey 1st Year B & D -v- Andrews (Away) 3pm  
01/12/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Col.Bride (Away) Leinster 1/2 Final Lost 46-32
01/12/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Rathdown (Home) 5pm  
02/12/16 Basketball Cadette A -v- Col.Bride (Home) Won 53-26
02/12/16 Hockey 1st Year C & D -v- Bray (Away) 3.30pm  
02/12/16 Hockey 1st Year E & F -v- Bray (Away) 4.30pm  
03/12/16 Basketball Junior A -v- Templeogue (Home)  Won 60-25
03/12/16 Basketball Junior B -v- Bray (Home)  Won 43-8
03/12/16 Basketball Minor A -v- Templeogue (Home)  Won 40-9
03/12/16 Basketball Minor B -v- Bray (Home)  Won 16-11
03/12/16 Hockey Senior A -v- Andrews (Away) 10am Leinster League  
03/12/16 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Terenure (Home) 10am Leinster League  
03/12/16 Hockey Junior 4 -v- Terenure (Home) 11am Leinster League  
03/12/16 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Bray (Home) 9am Loreto League  
03/12/16 Hockey Minor B -v- Bray (Away) 9am Loreto League  
03/12/16 Hockey Minor C -v- Bray (Away) 10am Leinster League  
03/12/16 Hockey Junior 1 -v- Bray (Away) 11am Loreto League  
03/12/16 Hockey Senior 2 -v- Foxrock (Away) 9am Leinster League  
03/12/16 Hockey Junior B -v- Foxrock (Away) 10am Leinster League  
03/12/16 Hockey Minor 4 -v- Foxrock (Away) 11am Loreto League  
06/12/16 Basketball Senior B -v- Caritas (Away)  Won 27-15
06/12/16 Basketball Cadette A -v- Bray (Oblay hall) Dublin Final  Lost 51-49
12/12/16 Basketball Senior C -v- Beauford (Home)  Won 26-16
12/12/16 Basketball Senior C -v- Swords (Home)  Won 36-26
12/12/16 Basketball Senior C -v- Newpark (Home)  Won 30-22
14/12/16 Basketball Senior B -v- St Andrew's (Home) SDL 1/4 Final  Won 43-10
14/12/16 Basketball Cadette B -v- St Andrew's (Home) SDL 1/4 Final  Won 25-24
15/12/16 Basketball Cadette A -v- Green (Home) SDL 1/4  Final  Won 62-13
15/12/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Green (Home)  SDL 1/4 Final  Won 39-22
16/12/16 Basketball Senior A -v- Foxrock (Away)  Loreto 1/2 Final  Lost 33-24
09/01/17 Basketball Cadete A -v- Crosshaven (Home) All Ireland Play-offs  Won 67-20
09/01/17 Basketball Cadete A -v- Milltown (Home) All Irland Play-offs  Won 66-27
11/01/17 Basketball Senior B -v- Beauford (Home) Loreto Semi-final  Won 56-12
11/01/17 Basketball Cadete A -v- Beauford (Home) Loreto Semi-final  Won 52-47
13/01/17 Basketball Senior B -v- Columba's (Home) SDL Semi-final  Won 53-20
13/01/17 Basketball Cadete B -v- Killiney (Away) SDL Semi-final  Lost 23-14
14/01/17 Basketball Cadete A -v- Kilcullen (Away) All Ireland Play-offs 2 round  Lost 46-40
14/01/17 Basketball Cadete A -v- Bagnelstown (Away) All Ireland Play-offs 2 round  Won 53-23
14/01/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Beauford (Away) Loreto League  Won 21-12
14/01/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Beauford (Away) Loreto League  Lost 20-10
14/01/17 Hockey Senior 1 -v- Loreto Wexford (Home)  
14/01/17 Hockey Senior 4 -v- Loreto Wexford (Home)  
14/01/17 Hockey Minor B -v- Wesley (Home)  
14/01/17 Hockey Minor A -v- Foxrock (Home)  
14/01/17 Hockey Senior 3 -v- Mt Anville (Away)  
14/01/17 Hockey Junior 3 -v- Mt Anville (Away)  
14/01/17 Hockey Junior D -v- Mt Anville (Away)  
14/01/17 Hockey 1st Year C&D -v- Mt Anville (Away)  
14/01/17 Hockey 1st Year E&F -v- Alex (Away)  
14/01/17 Hockey 1st Year A&B -v- Alex (Away)  
14/01/17 Hockey Junior A -v- Alex (Away)  
16/01/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Newpark (Away)  Won 46-7
16/01/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Newpark (Away) Won 31-10
17/01/17 Basketball Senior C -v- Sion Hill (Home) Lost 35-19
18/01/17 Basketball Senior B -v- Green (Away) Loreto Final Won 41-28
18/01/17 Basketball Cadette A -v- Foxrock Loreto Final Lost 56-43
18/01/17 Basketball Cadette B -v- Foxrock Loreto Final Lost 46-26
19/01/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Cluny Leinster/SDL Won 53-27
19/01/17 Basketball Junior C -v- Killiney Won 32-14
19/01/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Cluny Won 29-24
20/01/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Crumlin Loreto League Won 34-32
20/01/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Crumlin Lost 18-17
21/01/17 Basketball Senior B -v- Monaghan (Home) All Ireland Playoffs Round 2 Won 38-31
21/01/17 Basketball Senior B -v- Mercy Sligo (Home) All Ireland Playoffs Round 2 Won 47-37
21/01/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Beauford  Loreto League Won 29-25
21/01/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Beauford Lost 27-8
23/01/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Iosagain  Won 45-6
23/01/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Iosagain SDL  Won 41-37
27/01/17 Basketball Senior A -v- Muckross SDL Final Won 32-22
26/01/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Firhouse Leinster League Won 62-10
26/01/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Firhouse Lost 40-32
26/01/17 Basketball Minor C -v- Iosagain Won
27/01/17 Basketball Senior B -v- Anville  SDL Final Won 29-21
27/01/17 Basketball Cadette A -v- Iosagain SDL Final Lost 42-34
30/01/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Teresians Won 50-6
30/01/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Swords Lost 26-16
30/01/17 Basketball Minor C -v- Swords Won 16-3
31/01/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Anville SDL Lost 43-16
31/01/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Anville Lost 19-4
01/02/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Woodlands Won 44-23
02/02/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Rathdown Lost 53-9
02/02/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Rathdown Lost 34-6
04/02/17 Basketball Junior B - Green Won 37-5
04/02/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Green  Won 60-20
04/02/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Green  Won 20-12
04/02/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Green Won 13-12
06/02/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Rockford Manor Won 34-11
06/02/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Rockford Manor Won 26-23
07/02/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Muckross Won 52-19
07/02/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Muckross Won 44-15
08/02/17 Basketball Senior B -v- Bandon All Ireland Semifinal Lost 28-24
08/02/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Teresians Won 46-4
10/02/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Balbriggan  Won 32-14
10/02/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Balbriggan Won 16-0
11/02/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Killiney Lost 21-13
11/02/17 basketball Minor B -v- Killiney Lost 16-6
11/02/17 Basketball Junior C -v- Beauford Lost
27/02/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Temple Carrig Won 44-21
27/02/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Temple Carrig Lost 26-18
02/03/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Sandford park Won 27-4
03/03/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Castleknock Won 37-27
03/03/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Castleknock Won 30-19
04/03/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Foxrock Lost 45-14
04/03/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Foxrock Lost 16-15
04/03/17 Basketball Minor C -v- Bray  Won 26-9
04/03/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Foxrock Won 24-12
04/03/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Foxrock Won 33-25
08/03/17 Basketball Minor C -v- Sion Hill Lost 18-10
09/03/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Col. Bride Won 57-7
09/03/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Co. Bride Won 17-2
09/03/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Muckross Walkover to Dalkey
09/03/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Muckross Walkover to Dalkey
10/03/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Larkin CC  Dublin 1/4 final Won 28-20
11/03/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Green  Loreto Semi/SDL semifinal Won 64-12
14/03/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Castleknock Dublin Semifinal Won 28-18
14/03/17 Baskteball Minor A -v- Castleknock Dublin Semifinal Lost 29-26
14/03/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Beauford Loreto Semifinal Lost 16-15
15/03/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Foxrock Loreto Semifinal Lost 32-13
15/03/17 Basketball Minor C -v- Bray Loreto Semifinal Won 46-6
15/03/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Foxrock  Loreto Semifinal Won 32-20
16/03/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Col. Life  Dublin semifinal Lost 47-22
20/03/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Rosemount  SDL semifinal Won 29-17
20/03/17 Basketball Minor A -v- Cluny SDL semifinal Won 32-15
21/03/17 Basketball Minor B -v- Killiney SDL semifinal Lost
22/03/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Muckross Dublin Final Lost 40-27
29/03/17 Basketball Junior B -v- Anville  SDL Final   @ Home 11.30am  
29/03/17 Basketball Junior A -v- Muckross SDL Final  @ Home 2.30pm  
29/03/17 Basketball  Minor A -v- Green/Cluny SDL Final  @ Home 1pm  
30/03/17 Basketball Minor C -v- Beauford  Loreto Final  @ Away 3.45pm  


Recent Successes

2017 Basketball Tournaments 

We had a very successful basketball season so far with our Senior A team winning South Dublin League Final, Senior B team becoming the Loreto, SDL and Leinster champions and narrowly losing in the All Ireland semifinal. What a huge achievement for all the players and coaches involved! Our Cadettes A were runners up in the Leinster league final, SDL final and Loreto league final. Cadettes B were the runners up in the Loreto league final. Our Junior A team are South Dublin league champions and Leinster league runners up, and Junior B's were the runners up in the SDL final. Minor A team won the SDL final too! 

2017 Loreto League & Leinster League Hockey

Huge congrats to our 1st Year B and Minor B teams who were runners up in the Loreto league finals! Congrats to the Senior D team who won the Loreto final and became champions!

Our 1st Year C team made the Leinster league final and became runners up.

2016 Loreto All Ireland Swim Meet

Huge congrats to our Loreto Dalkey swim team who won The Spirit Award! Our senior swimmers Zofja Cautley, Charlotte O'Riordan, Katie Baguley and Sorcha Gurrett won the seniopr girls relay in a nail biting finish. Zofja also came 3rd in the 50 freestyle and Katie came 3rd in the over 16 breaststroke. We had some incedible 4th place finishes with Zoe Wallace, Charlotte O'Riordan and Sorcha Gurrett.


2016 Blackrock College Cross Country Champions 

Well done to our minor Cross Country team who came 3rd overall! Team consisted of Alannah Kinsella, Ciara Murray, Maria Reynolds, Aoife Mc Cormack, Juilliard Crowley, Aisling Murray, Roisin Benville, Amelia Kelly.

    Huge congrats to our intermediate team champions Mackenzie Kinsella, Lucy Rice, Grace O'Beirne, Sophie Nicholson and Helen O'Beirne who came 1st !

2016 School Games

Huge congratulations to Charlotte O Riordan who came 6th while representing Ireland in swimming on the 3rd September in Loughborough!

All Ireland Athletics Championships
Congratulations to Mollie O'Reilly who represented Loreto Abbey in the All Ireland Athletics Championships in Tullamore on June 4th. She raced against top competitors from all four provinces and started to pick up speed at the 300 metre stage. Her pace slowly increased up until the final 100 metres when she really took off, eventually winning 1st place. We are delighted with her success.

Loreto Golf All Ireland

Congratulations to our golf team who played in the Loreto Golf All Ireland in Loreto Wexford on May 17th. Further congratulations to Kate Walker who came 2nd overall. She shot a super round of 39 and narrowly missed out on winning the competition. The whole team battled rain and wind and had some fabulous shots. 


Congratulations to our Senior A Tennis team who won the Loreto Shield on May 12th. The members of the team are Fiona Murphy, Laura Fitzgerald, Leah Curtin, Niamh Hughes, Julie Cullen and Lynn Manahan.

Leinster Athletics
Congratulations to Mollie 
O'Reilly who represented Loreto Dalkey in the Leinster championships. Mollie won the 200m Senior Girls Race and now will represent Loreto Dalkey and Leinster in the All Ireland Athletics Championships in Tullamore in June.
Ellie Boyce also competed on the day and threw the Hammer for Loreto Dalkey. Ellie qualified through to the finals and managed to come 6th overall.

Irish Senior Schools Relay

Our senior swimming team of Aislinn Pantony, Julia Evans, Zoey Wallace and Charlotte O'Riordan swam in the Irish Senior Schools Relay on May 8th. They came 2nd in the 200m freestyle relay (Junior 13-14) and 4th in the 200m medley relay (Junior 13-14).

East Leinster Schools' Track and Field

All our participants did very well and we received 6 medals over two days.

Hockey Champions in their respective Leagues

Senior 3
Junior C
Junior D
Minor A
1st Year B
Junior A (Leinster Final)

Leinster Schools Sailing Championships

Our Sailing Team earned 4th place and qualified for All Ireland Sailing Championship in Cork.

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